Allied Home

a division of allied feather + down

Our Philosophy


Great sleep is a luxury.

It represents a feeling. The luxury of sleep is defined by the right level of comfort to rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy hours of uninterrupted quality slumber. We commit our expertise to ensure that this luxury is available to all.

True craftsmanship requires time, patience, and effort. For three decades, we have committed to provide the best quality materials and construction from our facilities and partnerships on three continents.

With attention to detail and creative product design, we understand how to construct bedding for optimal function and value.

ALLIED Home builds upon the ethos of purpose-driven performance of our parent company ALLIED Feather + Down, known globally featured in the most technical brands throughout the world.

Whether the goal is to create a more supportive bed, a cooler sleep environment, an allergen free slumber, or simply achieving a comfortable night’s sleep, we innovate the way bedding performs by partnering with proven technologies leading sleep studies.

Across every aspect of our business, we are committed. This extends from our extensive research and development with sustainable materials to value added certifications on products, processes and materials. We are also committed to the areas we produce through a strong diversity program to supporting local charities.

From the cotton we source to the people we hire, to the products we manufacture, we are committed to the best at every level.

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