Down can be sourced from the best supply chains, but that only represents its potential

In order to turn this material into the best insulation on AND FOR the planet, a lot of care needs to be considered in the processing. It is often the case where “cheap” down can come from farms certified to animal welfare standards, but processed in a way that damages the quality of the insulation with harsh chemicals that wreak havoc on the environment. That’s why it is important to not only know where your down came from, but how it was processed. Why take a material with very low carbon footprint and treat it in a way that destroys both the performance and positive impact of the insulation?

ALLIED has developed our own unique processing method we call Durawash.

It helps to provide an industry benchmark cleanliness with maximum fill power potential and durability to last a lifetime. Every lot of down is processed with several wash and rinse cycles where all water is recycled through a proprietary filtration system. The material is then carefully dried to ensure that the oils have not been damaged drying out the down. All detergents used are bluesign® approved and certified Palm Oil Free.