While down has been used for centuries as an insulation, it’s only recently that the true potential of down as an insulation with a tremendously wide range of warmth has been explored.

Up until the mid 1990’s, almost all down jackets on the market looked like your typical large baffle over-filled parka. The advent of the smaller baffle lightweight down sweater has now allowed the industry to look at down in a new way – with extreme technical precision.

At ALLIED, creating a down insulation is a bit like wine, where raw material from all over the world is blended to provide an exacting specification that is created for the specific baffle size, fabric, and construction method. We regularly work closely with design and development teams to help build garments and sleeping bags with a targeted warmth rating; whereas in the past, down was generally used to create the warmest parka and bag available. This allows brands to build four-season, down-filled products and work with unique layering systems, taking full advantage of down’s ability to provide precise warmth without the clammy feeling that can come from synthetics — and do so in the most sustainable way. 

It is our goal here at ALLIED to help our partner brands build the most unique, high performing, and sustainable products on the market, rethinking how down insulation can be used. It’s not just for high alpine, extreme expeditions anymore. 

It’s not just for high alpine extreme expeditions anymore.